Rumble Rants Overlay

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This bookmarklet is in maintenance only mode. Please use the Rant Stats Extension for a better user experience and more features!

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WARNING: this relies on undocumented features of Rumble. If Rumble changes their site, this may break.

Builds a browser bookmarklet that will create on overlay on the live stream page for capturing all Rants. Rants are shown past their normal expiration date in the chat.

To add to your browser, create a new bookmark with the following block of code as the “URL”. Use whatever name works for you.

javascript: (function () {
    var existingRantJS = document.getElementById('rant-js-script');
    if (!existingRantJS) {
        var rantJS = document.createElement('script');
        rantJS.setAttribute('id', 'rant-js-script');
        rantJS.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
        rantJS.setAttribute('src', '');
    } else {

The code snippet above loads the files from If you would rather use GitHub, change the src URl to

Browser page loaded with Rants sidebar shown.

How to Use

  1. Add bookmarklet (see above)
  2. Navigate to live stream page
  3. Click Bookmark
  4. Rumble Rants will be shown in a re-sizeable left sidebar

Click the checkbox on each rant to mark them as read. They will still be shown but will be grayed out.


Sort Order

By default, Rants are displayed Oldest to Newest. The order can be changed to Newest to Oldest.


By default, Rants and their ‘read’ state are saved to the browser’s local storage. To disable this, uncheck “Cache Rants”.

If the cache is enabled, upon loading the Rants for a stream previously viewed, the previous Rants will be shown before showing any new Rants.

Cached data older than 14 days will be deleted from the browser.

Export to CSV

This will download the displayed Rants to a CSV file.

May need to allow pop-ups for in order for download to work.




  1. Clone repo
  2. Install Node and Yarn
  3. Run yarn install
  4. Build with yarn run build
  5. Convert the scsss to css by running yarn run build-sass

To use local index.js file, change src in bookmarklet to path from local server. Start the node http server by running yarn run serve. The new src will be something like http://localhost:8000/index.js.


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